National anthem & motto
AMOIRIE de la Côte d'Ivoire

The Abidjanaise is the national anthem of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire. Adopted by Law No. 60-207 of July 27, 1960, its national anthem character is asserted by Article 29 of the constitution of the Ivorian Second Republic. The music was composed by Father Pierre-Michel Pango. The lyrics are by Father Pierre-Marie Coty, which lyrics the Minister Mathieu Ekra added some changes. The anthem appears as a lyrical and very patriotic poem, expressing images that exalt the values of the Ivorian land such as hope, peace, dignity and "true brotherhood".


We salute you, O land of hope,
Country of hospitality;
Thy full gallant legions
Have restored thy dignity.
Beloved Ivory Coast, thy sons,
Proud builders of thy greatness,
All gathered together for thy glory,
In joy will we construct thee
Proud Ivorians, the country calls us.
If we have brought back liberty peacefully,
It will be our duty to be an example
Of the hope promised to humanity,
In building, united in the new faith
The homeland of true brotherhood.